Honda SUVs are the most sought-after articles which exit in the Japanese manufacturing factory. The Honda HR-V is no different this time around. Otherwise known as Vezel, the Honda HR-V is a perfect combination of a stellar body and powerful speed.

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Here are some details of this all-new powertrain on wheels. 

The Engine

A Honda review is never complete without mentioning the heart of the power it delivers. The HR-V houses a 1.5 liter engine, but that’s not all. It is also supported with 2 hybrid motors, coupled with a controlled variable transmission and all four wheels fully engaged while driving, a first for Honda, whose vehicles are mostly all front-wheel driven.

There are also 3 driving modes, which are namely normal, comfortable and sport operating mode. Not to mention, there is also an Econ mode, which makes cruising down the highway pleasurable and sustainable. 

Interior Design

The interior design of the Honda HR-V is strikingly similar to that of Mazda’s. The comfortable and adjustable seats, ambient LED lighting inside, and a nicely displayed large screen is enough for any SUV driver to speed through roads with the required entertainment and control.

The features of adaptive cruise control, close and far range collision prevention, high-beam control and a handful of other parking and detection sensors make the car safe and convenient to drive. What’s new is a dedicated emergency support centre within the vehicle, which makes combating tech emergencies a piece of cake. 

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The Exterior

The expected exterior design of this SUV is stunning. The front headlights are perfectly chiselled onto the car’s frontal body, making it look like a match made in heaven. The beaming LED powered headlights are sure to give you clear vision even in the dark.

The curved front grille covered in shiny chrome adds the extra bit of lift and style to the vehicle. The addition of 16-inch alloy wheels makes the Honda HR-V big enough to fit in the SUV club but not monstrous, which adds elegance to the car. 

Honda’s version of HMI

Human Machine Interface or HMI is not something new, but Honda claims to give its customers more user-friendly options, control and communicable means to make the HR-V more safe, fun and different.

The Honda HR-V is rumoured to be packed with various sensors, display features, and other excellent specifications that can make your ride that much better, which is expected from the company that preaches performance and perfection, all packed in a beautifully designed vehicle. Customers are excited to see the HMI features in their favourite SUV, and Honda is doing a great job teasing its fans with its exciting features. 

This is not the first time Honda has brought electric motors in perfect harmony with gasoline-thirsty engines. But the all-new Honda HR-V hopes to blow people’s minds away more than it is initially anticipated. So, buckle up for the official reign of this automotive masterpiece. 

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