Mercedes is one of those brands in the market that has adopted a change that has prevailed with time very well. Technology is on the rise, and as cliche, as it sounds, change is the only constant. Moving forward is the only way to keep market share and the existing customers happy.

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Technology and the environment go hand in hand these days. There is more awareness about the environment than ever before. Companies have started paying attention to what the consumers want, and so has Mercedes

Mercedes has done more of the same, using technologies that only car freaks know about. Cars are becoming more competent, but some expect them to be completely self-sufficient soon enough. Sounds funny, but soon cars could go about their own business without any passengers. The new era of technology is upon us, and the market is here for it. 


Innovation has been the key to success for almost every current market. The automobile industry has done the same by creating new engines and other technology that have advanced cars. An example of all this is the Mercedes EQS, an electric sedan that has created waves in the market. 

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Tesla behind Mercedes, a company, but Mercedes EQS is further ahead of the Tesla models. The car has the lighting of an auditorium that can hold parties. The infotainment system runs off an octa-core CPU and 24GB of ram. The single charge gives a run of 700 km, which comes out to be much cheaper than the cars that run on petrol. Not only is it cheaper than petrol cars, but it has a much more comprehensive range than its competitors. Eighty percent of the car gets charged up in about 20 minutes. 

Purchasing a Tesla is moderately straightforward: You go on the web, pick a model, add your highlights, place your store, and timetable pickup. Done. Tesla’s battery-controlled vehicles are essentially more straightforward than their rivals. They have altogether fewer parts per vehicle — around 20 — versus the 2,000 in inside ignition motors by specific assessments. This effortlessness drastically decreases the customers’ total expense of ownership.

Tesla has as of late gained battery producing organizations and will join new sorts of battery-related innovations into its vehicles, which could also decrease proprietorship cost. While different automakers are likewise racing to obtain the correct electric battery aptitude, they will, in any case, be playing make up for a lost time as this market develops.

From a showcasing perspective, Tesla, as of now, has a significant benefit in certain classifications. Who wouldn’t have any desire to claim a vehicle that makes no contamination, takes out visits to corner stores, and is genuinely green? Different automakers will be playing get up to speed with this issue for quite a while.

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For Mercedes, the car comes with driver assistance technology, and it includes adaptive cruise control. It also has emergency brakes in case things get out of control. The company offers a limited warranty which covers four years or fifty thousand miles. The company covers the electric components attached to the car for a hundred thousand miles or eight years.

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