There are many ways one can reduce the cost of there car insurance. Car insurance is not a fixed price and more than the insurer it depends on you on how you drive and keep your car.

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1. Never auto-renew

Get your quote renewed at a good time. There is always a time where it would be cheaper, mostly when it’s not left to the last minute. If you leave your quote to renewed till the last minute then it will cost you more but if you get it done 3 weeks or so before the price could be better for you.

Also, shop around to look for better deals instead of sticking to one and going with the option of auto-renewing.

2. Try to pay upfront

This means that it is always better to pay the full amount in the beginning if you can afford it instead of monthly payments as a lot of insurers cost a lot of extra incentives on them. So though monthly payments might seem easier for you but in the long run they prove to be more expensive.

If you’re going to take loan for it them then pay through credit card as in this way you’ll be able to get cash back credits.

3. Opt for comprehensive cover

It is not a wise decision to go for a part-cover. If you actually look closely then comprehensive covers actually prove to be more cheaper than third party, fire, and theft.

Comprehensive insurance covers all sorts of damage to your car or the other cars, so in this way you’re protected from other additional costs in case you get into an accident.

4. Get back box insurance

In this policy, a tele-matics box is inserted into your engine which tracks your driving. It will see whether you drive nicely or have a rash driving. If you play by the rules and have a smooth drive then in return you’ll be paying less for your insurance.

Now this could go both ways, it depends solely on you on how you want to drive and accordingly you’ll be paying so drive normally so your expenses are cut down.

If you go on the motorway alot, then check the policy again as there are mileage limits on it. And this a policy that won’t be suiting each and everyone, so see if it goes well with you.

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5. Take a pass plus course

A lot of accidents take place by new drivers and hence, the car insurers charge you more as they think you’ve more risk of getting into accidents.

So if you get the pass plus course which is actually additional hours of learning how to drive then many companies provide you with a discount as they think the risk factor has reduced.

6. Increase your cars security

If your car has a good security then it again comes under the less risk factor hence would prove to be a factor for your insurance costs to be reduced.

Car insurers love when the car is secured so the chances of it getting stolen are reduced.  If you’ve an old car and its less secure then chances are you’ll be paying more than someone with a new car and better security system.

7. Add an extra driver

Insurers will see this as the risk being shared so in return the premium could be cheaper.

The main factor is to reduce the risk involved so if you’re a young driver, and you add someone older than you like your mom or dad than the insurer will reduce your cost because they’ll consider the car being in safe hands.

However, if you’re older and you add someone younger than you like your children then the risk factor will increase resulting in higher cost of insurance.

8. Don’t reduce your car mileage

Some people think that if they reduce the car mileage to a great extent then their cost of insurance will be decreased to a great extent, however thats not the case.

Alot of times the insurers will judge it as you being inexperienced increasing to risk factor leading to a higher cost.

So be true to yourself and the insurer to get the best price out of them because anything that goes against what you said could be a reason for an increase in the price you pay.

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9. Dont drink and then drive

If you’re drunk while you get into an accident and claim for cover then the insurer will decline it.
So it is better to opt for a lift or cab when you’re drinking to make sure that you and your car are in safe hands.

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