After listening to its critics for the 2017 Honda Ridgeline midsize pickup, the company has come through to its loyal customers with this 2021 model, which might be a living proof for other companies to learn from Honda how to improve on their previous mistakes.

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Structure of Honda RidgeLine Sport HPD

Not only have they corrected the headlights from the previous model, but they have also improved the position of the drill. Additionally, they have added a power dome bulge in the hood. The overall structure is supported by a pair of exhaust tips looking out from the rear. This gives the car a truck-ish look, which changes how people view the car. 

Looking like a truck and still having the comfort of driving an SUV, Honda has pushed its limit with RidgeLine Sport HPD. The car contains suspension at all corners, which obviously not only helps with wheel control but also relieves weight from all over the body, making this truck-like SUV still feel light while driving. 

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Ridgeline Sport HPD’s payload capacity of 1583 pounds is claimed to be the highest in the market with a four-wheel drive. Honda has also installed their torque-vectoring all-wheel-drive system, which helps send 70 per cent of the engine power to the rear and send 100 per cent to either wheel at the back, depending on the situation.

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This artistic piece of engineering helps the car controlling sudden breaks at high speeds. The car does not include sand mode just for looks. The feature works very well, changing how the wheels spin offroad. With all these features offered, the RidgeLine Sport HPD offers a luxurious cabin.

It is overall very comfortable and has a leathery look from the inside, giving a texture of a mixture of an SUV and a sports car while having a similar shape to a truck. This one has it all. 


Aerodynamics for the car is much better than the previous model. This is because it is closer to the ground; however, offroading becomes complicated. That being said, the Ridgeline is filled with features. This includes the dual-opening tailgate, allowing loading and unloading easier than other trucks/SUVs. This helps the car get to 60mph inside 6.3 seconds, which is a whole second quicker than any other Ridgeline models from Honda. 


The Honda Ridgeline HPD has a base price of £29,167, with a vehicle layout of a front-engine, AWD, 5-pass, 4-door truck. The car has a 9-speed automatic transmission with a curb weight of 4,444 lb, with a wheelbase of 125.2 in.

The awesome brake systems include going from 60-0 mph. It takes the car 125ft, which shows how elegantly the car slows. Without even a slight jerk which makes it even more comfortable.  

These features show how Honda has not compromised this time. They have made the car better than the previous model and have done their research before releasing it. This is why it is already gaining fame in the market since the company had scrutinised them considering the previous model.

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