Part exchange is a very interesting way to sell your car. By the name itself, it suggests that you exchange your car for a different one while paying additional if required. It’s very simple as you’ll just drop the old one at the garage and leave with a new one that you want.

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This saves you from a lot of stress that’s put into selling your car off for cash and then looking for a newer one. You don’t have to handle any sort of buyers or any advertisements that you would while selling it for money. 

This is beneficial when you know the price of your car and the car you’re replacing it with. 

How does this system work?

The amount of deduction certainly depends on which car you have, the condition of it, and of course how much profit the dealership wants to keep.

There are a few pros and cons of part exchange.

So you go to the dealership place, look at different cars, search through when you finally find one you like, check the pricing. In this way, you can get a deduction on the price of the vehicle you want by part exchanging your car for it.

The pros

This saves you a great load of time and effort that you would put in when trying to find a good buyer. When wanting to sell your car off for cash, you need to make sure your car looks its best before you advertise it and then the bargaining of different buyers can be an annoying process. After all this hassle, you will still have to go through another process of buying a new car which you’re saved from if you opt for part-exchange.

Even though you’ll still be paying more money for a better car, it’ll seem more budget-friendly as an amount will already be deducted from the original cost of the car. 

The cons

Though the part exchange is an easier way of getting rid of your car it still has its negatives. You will get less money through this process than you would when selling it privately. 

When wanting to part exchange, you will have to negotiate a lot with the dealer to get the best discount possible. However, this is still more convenient than dealing with potential buyers and their numerous questions.

How to part exchange?

The first most important step when you decide to part exchange is to really know what the worth of your car is. So this way you know what you should be looking for in the deal. You can do this by simply evaluating online through different platforms and then look around how much people are giving for it.

Before going to a dealer, make your car look very nice and appealing. Take all the measures required like deep cleaning etc.

Make sure you’ve all the paperwork ready, so that you don’t have to face trouble later, have all the records of your car and the service history can come in handy.

Don’t just part exchange at any time, wait for it and look around because at different times you’ll get a different value of your car. It will be more feasible to opt for a time in which you get a better offer for your car.  Like for example, if you have a 4×4 wait for winters to sell it off when there is snow as most people want that car when there’s bad weather and the car is easier to use.

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