Toyota is giving its fan-favorite pickup truck, Tacoma, a face-lift in 2021. With the release date still undisclosed, rumor has it that the new Toyota Tacoma is now available with the added accessory of the Toyota Race Development lift kit.

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Let’s see how the new Tacoma can become a racer’s dream pickup truck.

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Compatibility of the TRD lift kit

The Toyota Race Development lift kit is available and compatible with all V6 4×4 Toyota Tacoma variants manufactured in 2020 and later. The lift kit is essentially an option for suspension and lifting the pickup truck.

This idea came into being when the engineers at Toyota found out about Tacoma owners’ fondness to wander mercilessly off-road. The Tacoma suspension and body already being firm enough was not stopping these people from coming with something new for the off-road wanderers.

So, they came forward with the ingenious idea of providing an on-site installation of a suspension lift, giving the vehicle the much-needed ride and control on rocky terrains. 

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What’s the catch with the Kit?

What’s fascinating about the TRD lift kit, provided by Toyota dealerships all over the nation, is the fantastic suspension and lift. With installing the TRD lift kit, the vehicle bumps up 2 inches from the front and 1 inch from the back. This lift option gives better ground clearance and great angular approaches for those inclined nooks and corners of the uneven terrain. 

What’s new in the TRD lift kit?

The new features of the 2021 TRD Lift Kit are the Bilstein shocks. Each shock is engineered to give perfect off-road control without compromise on the driver’s safety or the car. While the front shocks sit 2 inches higher than the base giving the vehicle excellent suspension, the rear shocks have a more extensive spread and house a more significant oil volume for damping, giving extraordinary speed and control.

The piston rods are also made more prominent to give that extra dimension of strength. With this kit, the precision in the approach, departure, dip, and break-over angles improve significantly, giving the driver complete control and pleasure of off-road cruising. 

Guaranteed Security by Toyota

The kit, coming at a hefty price of £969, doesn’t compromise the driver’s safety. The kit was designed to provide lift with protection, and it was tested to its limits by the engineers working at the TRD. This is the only lift kit verified by Toyota Safety Systems. This model of Tacoma will probably be a potential candidate for the Top Safety Pick Award.

For more than 16 years, Toyota Tacoma has been the go-to vehicle for truck lovers, and with the new addition of the TRD lift kit, it becomes more memorable. Pickup monstrosity with Toyota’s safety and approval can never go wrong because this is what Toyota promises its valuable customers.

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