Everyone has different things that might embarrass them related to different things in life. Drivers have different reasons why they could be embarrassed about their car.

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There are many different reasons due to which drivers are embarrassed by the car they drive.

1. Dirty on the inside 

Keeping a car clean from the outside is not all that it takes to make your car look good. Having a clean interior is a major factor in how good your car looks. 

When you’re not the only one who sits in your car or has children, they’re bound to create a mess when they eat or just in general which makes your car look bad. So a lot of times when someone you aren’t that close with sits in your car, you feel slightly ashamed and embarrassed of the way your car looks. 

This becomes a major reason for drivers being embarrassed by their cars. 

2. The colour of the car

Many times people buy cars in odd colours because it was coming with a good deal or was fitting their budget. At that point, it seems like the colour won’t really affect the way you feel about your car but the more time passes the more you become conscious when driving around with it.

This weird feeling related to the colour of your car just makes you feel embarrassed about it. Although, you own it and you should be accepting towards it but the whole ideal society just makes it a little difficult to be happy with what you have instead of wanting something different that’s more normal to everyone. 

3. The size of the car 

As newer cars are bigger in size and just look more ‘cooler’, drivers owning small cars just feel embarrassed of their cars. 

It is unfortunate that we live in a society where we are judged based on materialistic things we own but it is just the bitter reality. So this thought just adds up to the embarrassment that the drivers feel. 

Drivers then feel like their car is too small compared to people owning land cruisers and start feeling ashamed of driving a car like that. 

4. Covered in dents 

Even if you drive very safely, some accidents end up happening which can cause scratches or dents on your car. Many times, you can’t afford to get it fixed right away as it would be a hefty amount in your pocket so you continue to drive it like that. 

This just becomes a reason that drivers feel embarrassed about driving the car because you get weird looks from people or just in general.

If you drive a car that’s filled with dents or scratches it may seem like you’re a bad driver so that just makes drivers feel conscious when driving around. 

5. Older cars 

Obviously with time so many new cars have been launched putting the older cars a step behind. Every little while the newer model of the same car so could just make you want to change your car every now and then. 

When driving old cars, drivers feel a sort of embarrassment as others would be driving the latest models and you’ll feel like you’re behind in today’s fashion of cars. 

Being proud of what you own no matter what it is, is very important. As the day you start feeling like you should be embarrassed by what you own, it will become a huge problem in the future. 

6. It made a strange noise from the engine 

This is something small but becomes a huge factor of embarrassment for drivers. As if you’re in a quiet place or surrounded by lots of people and your car ends up making a weird noise while starting, you get weird looks by people which just adds up to you feeling ashamed of your car. 

The latest cars come up with quiet engines that make almost no noise when starting so if your car is one that makes noise, you start feeling conscious about it. 

7. Shape of the car 

Many cars that are cheap actually have very weird shapes which one typically wouldn’t want to be seen in. The majority of the people when buying cars look at the budget they’ve if they need a car immediately so they just go for whatever they can afford. In such cases, you end up compromising on things like the shape of the car or size but as time passes you start to think that you’ve a bad car or a car that’s not up to mark. 

8. Car that has not been washed in a while 

Sometimes we are busy with our lives and don’t get the time to get our car washed and the dust keeps accumulating on the exterior of the car. When you end up going to a posh area, you see that the cars are clean with no sign of dirt and start thinking about how dirty your car looks which makes you feel embarrassed. It’s the same as you going to a high-end party wearing sweatpants and slippers.

These are just reasons why drivers feel embarrassed of their cars but no one should feel obligated to fit in the society made a stencil of how one should be living or what they should own. Be proud of who you are and what you own as it is your identity. The day you feel ashamed of anything you own, no one will respect you or your things too then.  

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