Hybrid cars consist of both an electric motor as well as a gas tank that give a better performance than EV and diesel cars. There are many new cars and models of hybrids that are launched among which these are a few.

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1. Toyota Prius 

This is a four-door car that is equipped with high -tech system and is spacious. It has features like a rearview camera, automatic emergency brakes in case of forwarding collision signals. The cargo volume of the Toyota Prius is 24.6 cu-ft which means that there is loads of space to store your luggage. 

Standard features:

  1. 15-in wheels 
  2. 60/40 split folding rear seat
  3. Adaptive cruise control 
  4. 6.1-in touchscreen display

2. Ford Fusion Hybrid 

It is a midsize sedan that suits well for a green-conscious life. This car is great when wanting to travel around town. It is installed with an eco guide that helps you optimize your fuel usage, the eco guide displays green leaves that show you how much gas is consumed by the way you drive. 

Standard features

  1. Heating of front seats 
  2. Ambient lighting 
  3. Leather upholstery 
  4. 10-way power passenger seat with power lumbar 

3. Chevrolet Volt 

This is a compact sedan with easy handling and magnificent mpg numbers. You can travel an estimated distance of 53 miles just on a fully charged electric motor, along with this you can also travel an estimated distance of 420 miles with a full tank of fuel and a fully charged electric motor. 

Standard features

  1. 17-in aluminium wheels 
  2. Leather upholstery 
  3. Leather-covered steering wheel 
  4. Rear parking guidance 

4. Toyota Camry Hybrid 

This is a midsize sedan that has a very comfortable interior along with strong acceleration. It is impressive mpg numbers. It is good when traveling on both the highway or a simple two-way road. 

Standard features

  1. 16-inch steel wheels 
  2. Dual-zone automatic climate control 
  3. Rearview monitor 
  4. Eight-way power adjustable driver’s seat with power lumbar support 

5. Toyota Prius Prime Hybrid 

There is good flexibility provided by Toyota Prius prime hybrid between EV and hybrid driving modes. This has a plug-in hybrid system on which you can travel up to 25 miles on a fully charged electric motor and 640 miles with fuel tank full and electric motor charged fully. It is suitable for long road trips as well as errands. To top it off it has a cargo volume of 19.8 cu-ft and comes with 60/40 split rear seats for additional space when needed. 

Standard features

  1. Smart charging cable lock 
  2. Heated front seats 
  3. Entune premium JBL audio and 11.6-in multimedia screen
  4. Bluetooth 

6. Toyota Prius C 

This car is very easy to handle especially in the city. It is a compact hatchback and has five doors. The car is equipped with a cargo volume of 17.1 cu-ft and 60/40 split fold-down rear seats that can be used when more space is needed. The estimated return of EPA is around about 48mpg when traveling in the city which reduces the stops you’ve to make at the gas station. 

Standard features

  1. LED taillights and stoplights 
  2. Cloth upholstery 
  3. Entune audio with 6.1-in touchscreen display 
  4. 15-in eight-spoke alloy wheels 

7. Ford Fusion Energi

This is the perfect car when looking for a practical sedan that has a plug-in hybrid powertrain. The battery returns an EPA of approximately 26 miles when on a fully charged electric motor and 610 miles when having both a full tank and a fully charged motor. This car is most suitable when wanting quick out-of-town trips.  It is very spacious and has a lot of legroom so taller passengers are comfortable. 

Standard features

  1. 120-volt charge cord 
  2. Ambient lighting
  3. 10-way power passenger seat with power lumbar 
  4. Sony 12-speaker audio system 

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