The Japanese car brands follow a mantra – burn less fuel and save more money. This is turning out to be a piece of excellent advice to follow for everyone looking for eco-friendly, fuel-efficient cars.

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Eco-friendliness has now become a central component in each Japanese car. Japan has always been an exceptionally thriving country in terms of its auto innovation as it delivers Eco-friendly and Eco-accommodating low fossil fuel byproducts. What does this mean for the clients? It means that the clients get an efficient and higher mileage car that promises a powerful driving experience.

When we talk about fuel efficiency, we mean the energy proficiency of any vehicle by deciding the proportion of a distance traveled per unit of fuel consumed. While it sounds simple, this phenomenon depends on a range of components.

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For example, the interior ignition fuel proficiency, transmission plan, and tire plan are to name a few features that influence fuel efficiency. In addition, you can use miles per gallon (MPG) and liters per 100 Kilometers to derive an appropriate estimation of the vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

Following are 5 efficient Japanese cars we have picked for you to check out:

Honda Accord

Sporty and the current trend, the sedan is designed with 2 liters V4 gasoline fuel engine and an auto AV transmission speed for an ongoing journey. The car also comes with remarkable fuel efficiency with 49 miles per gallon city drive and 47 mpg if driving on the highway.

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Toyota Prius Eco

It should come as no surprise to the Prius lovers that the car was titled the ‘most fuel-efficient car in 2017. A present-day model with a creative plan hybrid vehicle sporting a bleeding-edge streamlined appearance. The Prius Eco offers 1.8 liters of a gas-controlled crossbreed fuel motor. That too with a programmed electronic consistently factor transmission speed for a client ride. To mention its fuel efficiency, it provides 58 miles for every gallon on the metropolitan city drive. Other than that, a 53 mpg on the fast roadway drive.

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Nissan Leaf

This car is also known for being the ‘Leading Environment-Friendly Affordable Family Electric Car.’ This hatchback works with a 30 Kilowatt-hour battery that gives 107 horsepower each to a dynamic driving experience. It may look small in size, but it is promised to be your best and affordable car for all family trips.

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Toyota Camry Hybrid LE

This sedan oozes elegance in its look. Camry promises comfort and luxury and also delivers on fuel efficiency. It comes with a 2.5 liters incredible half-breed fuel motor determination controlled via programmed CVT Transmission for travelers. In addition, it comes with a city mileage of 42 and a roadway mileage of 38 MPG.

Mazda- CX 5

Saving the best for the last, 4WD SUV stands boldly in the market. The car is known for its sleek and stylish appearance and also for its mileage. 5th is the smash hit little 4WD SUV incredibly well known for its bolder and sleeker trendy style. It gives an excellent travel city mileage of 23 miles for each gallon. In addition, a 29 mpg for the energizing road trip-getaway experience for the whole family.


The Japanese car brands follow a mantra – burn less fuel and save more money. This is turning out to be a piece of excellent advice to follow for everyone looking for Eco-friendly, fuel-efficient cars. The cars mentioned above are energy proficient, Eco-accommodating, reasonable, solid, and amusing to drive crossover vehicles. This gives a guaranteed family-accommodating driving experience for its clients.

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