There are times when you end up needing to sell your car because you’re either moving away or you want to upgrade your car or just need the money for something else. So at this point, you would want to make sure that you do the right steps to get the best price for your car.

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Over time there has become an advancement in the advertisements so it has made selling your car way easier now than it was before. If you don’t want to go to a dealer then you could also simply take appealing photos of the car through your phone and upload them on various social media platforms and sites made specifically to help you with this. 

Sell your Car for Cash

To get a good the best rate on your car it is important to see that your car differs from the crowd. This means that take time out and put effort to make the best advertisement when selling privately.  Don’t look out for shortcuts or provide less information in a hurry because that would just make your ad look less attractive thus fewer buyers are interested. If you’ve mentioned everything in the advertisement then the chances of you receiving responses is way better as generally people like organized ads that provide all necessary information.

These tips will help you prepare the car to its best condition and to ensure that you’ve all the right documents placed in the correct sequence to have an easy transaction. This is necessary because there are so many people out there selling their cars so competition is high and if you want your car to be sold fast then make your car look attractive. These tips will also help you to not get trolled around or scammed by online fraudsters.

1. Make sure your car is ready for sale

A lot of buyers actually become disinterested when they see the car in bad condition or dirty. This is because they tend to think that if someone doesn’t care about their car enough to clean the space they sit in them why would they take care of the internal parts of the car. A dirty car has a very negative impact on the customer so make sure that the first step you take when you plan on selling your car is to clean every inch of it. 

It may seem like a simple step but in actuality holds a lot of value in the eye of the customer. Make sure there is no trash present in the car, seats are clean, the windows have been cleaned with a glass cleaner. 

This also has a huge impact on the buyer because it is the first physical thing they can look at in your car, they won’t be able to dig through your engines to see if there is any damage to the car but this would definitely give them an overview.

While you’re at it, get any faults in the car fixed so that the buyer has no flaw to take out.  If you want a high price for the car then get an MOT done which will highlight all the possible issues in the car that you can fix because buyers hit you up. In this way, the buyer can also search up the MOT history online to have confidence in your car.

2. Have the correct documents ready 

To gain more confidence in the car that you’re about to sell is to have all the printouts ready to show to the buyer of previous maintenance and services, cars history, etc. Some documents that you might need are

    1. The cars registration document proving that you own the car

2. MOT certificates 

    3. Maintenance bills 

    4. Proof of insurance covers 

    5. Comprehensive stamped service book

These things will just bring up the value of your car as the buyer will not have anything to question you about as you would’ve already provided all the information. 

Even after selling the car, don’t give the original registration documents.

3. Calculate a fair asking price

It is important to calculate the worth of your car at the time of selling rather than what you had paid when you bought the car.  There’s a possibility that you might struggle in this step so look at websites like Aimmotors to see the prices that people have put for the same or similar car.

Once you’ve decided what price you’re going to set your car at, look at the sites and platforms you want to put the ad on. Aimmotors is a platform that provides you with an easy way to sell your car fast and at a good price. You can simply put up an ad on it including all necessary details and wait for buyers to contact you.

4. Effective advertisement 

If for example, you do decide to put an ad up on aimmotors for your car, then the best way is to put lots of pictures of the car so that the buyer has many photos to be attracted from.

Other than that, if you want to place prints outs on bus stops or crowded places so that a large crowd will be looking at your ad and the more offers you will get for the car.

Try not to write irrelevant stuff and stick to the point and important information as the readers lose interest with too much unnecessary information.

Include necessary information like model, body style, what the size of your engine is, what fuel it uses, gearbox type, etc. You could even add mileage as some people want low mileage cars.

5. Don’t fall for traps 

Take a few simple steps to protect your car. If someone hits you up that they want to go for a test drive then have all of their information beforehand such as an address, name, and number.

Check if they’ve insurance before driving the car as well as a license and never let them drive the car without you being present.

6. Payment before handing the car 

Don’t make the mistake of handing all documents and keys to buyers before they give the money to you as this is an easy way to get scammed.

Try to find a buyer within the area or city so that you are protected from all sorts of fraud.

7. Complete the sale

Once the sale has been made, some paperwork will be needed so that no issue comes up in the future. Have a receipt of the sale,  and also notify the DVLA that the car is no longer yours and you’ve sold it.

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