Crossing new limits and setting records has become a regular activity for brands in the automotive industry such as Mercedes. Technology is the main reason why they are progressing all the time. Other than that, they are creating new features that help the new cars become more feasible in every way possible.

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Mercedes has shown a typical improvement in their new advertisement by adjusting themselves according to the market. Advertisement is regularly given importance to get the message out. Regardless of whether it is discussing a pattern or a rising item, advertisements are amazingly valuable. To create hype in the market is as necessary as it gets, considering the competition, in the current automobile market.


Crossing the world wars and being present in the market since forever, Mercedes has permanently established itself well over the decades. Having a top market share in a high competition industry and that too with consistency is undoubtedly commendable. Not only is the company older than its main competitor, BMW, but it has remained on top for a longer time than anyone else. 

The brand name “Mercedes-Benz” came into creation in 1926, but the company still existed before that. Hence, they know how much it takes to be relevant and that too for a long time. Talking about relevance, the company also was the largest seller in the world for premium cars. It sold about 2.31 million luxury cars worldwide.

The new advertisement

Corporate social responsibility has become the new marketing technique. People are looking out for mother nature more than ever before. Hence, a sharp marketing plan from Mercedes has noticed the trend and has moved on to display an emotional value in this advertisement. The ad starts with some shots that appeal to a sentimental touch in consumers, including the portrayal of trees and houses.

A strong wind appears, which is blowing everywhere and keeps getting stronger until a text appears on the screen. The text says that they have been going against the wind for a long time. This suggests that the company will change their methods as to how to continue with their production and other processes. Rumors have said that the car will be using solar or wind power. 

Used Mercedes benz to buy in Edinburgh


Science has advised companies to move away from fossil fuels. Companies failed to listen due to a set system they already had in place, so there was no incentive. Now that consumers have taken it upon themselves to be responsible, things are changing.

Companies paying attention to science and the environment are appreciated more and attract more attention from the market. Not only is this an incentive for a big shot company like Mercedes, but changing production methods towards healthier options has proven to get better performance. 

The ad has eventually succeeded in its purpose. It has created a lot of hype in the market as to what the company might be doing next. They can live up to the hype or not, which given their history, is expected of them to create something sensational like always.

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