Changing the battery of your Mercedes-Benz key is done by a few simple steps that can be done by anyone at home.

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When the key of a Mercedes-Benz key starts having trouble unlocking and locking the car, it means that it is officially time to replace the battery of the key. However, it is not difficult to change the battery. It only takes few minutes before you have a fully functioning Key.

How do you know when your Mercedes-Benz key battery needs to be replaced?

This is very simple as you will see a few warning signs that indicate that you should replace your battery:

The first one would be if turning on your car is getting harder and might take a few tries, then it means you could need to replace the battery.

If you are not able to lock or unlock your car or maybe set off the panic alarm, is for sure a sign for battery replacement.

Sometimes there can be a warning sign on the dashboard of your car which would show that your charging system has a problem which could be due to the battery of your key.

If any of the signs mentioned above occur means it is time to change the key battery which is not at all difficult. Always lookout for these signs.

How do you change battery off your Mercedes-Benz key?

The first step when it comes to changing your Mercedes Benz key is to determine what key your Mercedes Benz has. There are two types of keys, one of them is the Mercedes-Benz Smart key which was in the older vehicles, and the new models now have the Mercedes-Benz chrome key.

Mercedes-Benz smart key battery replacement

You need two CR 2025 batteries for replacement.

  1. After you have the required batteries hold the key in a way through which you can pull on the sliding tab, Once that is done pull out the valet key.
  2. You will need to move the valet key on the opposite side and then push down, this will help you Remove the key backing. 
  3. Change the battery and then put back the valet key and test it out.

Mercedes-Benz chrome key Battery replacement

You only need one CR 2025 Battery for this replacement.

 1. To replace the battery you need to remove the cover which is done by pulling on the tab present on the bottom of the key.

2. Then you will push the key towards the narrower end to remove the cover and then simply change it with the new battery. 

That’s how easy it is to change the battery. However, do not forget to test the key to ensure that it is working properly. 

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