The transmission that has helped this car get the title of being the best BMW ever is “seven-speed twin-clutch auto”.

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The 2020 BMW M2 is supposed to be better than M3, M6, and M8s that the company has released. One could even say that this model may be the best one to release so far. Compared to powerful models that have come out on top of them, it is worth noticing and applauding. While the car poses confidently in the market, the United States of America supply line is not strong enough, as most dealers are running out of this specific model. 


The car 2020 BMW M2 stands out by a mile from other models. Half the credit goes to the suspension that comes with the model, i.e., the Adaptive M suspension. This helps in improving the driving quality on rough terrains as well as smooth roads.

The grip and handling are basic features expected to be good, but to master the art is what has happened in the 2020 BMW M2 model. The car includes perfect corners, a shiny pavement that helps make a better drive on rough patches. 

The 19-inch wheels attached to this magnificent beauty solves all the issues pointed out in the previous models by experts. They help the car to grasp more grip, which makes it drive with more conviction. It can be said that constructive criticism was contributed to the production of this model.

Not even California’s Highway 33 could break the spirit of the 2020 BMW M2. The understeering is nonexistent. The car slips out of corners very quickly, making the drive not only comfortable but also adventurous. The sharpness and the cohesion between the driver’s mind and the car’s brain are praiseworthy. 

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39 horsepower M2 C2 is much more ready for action than all other previous models. The turbocharged motor attached to the car makes it not only faster but efficient as well. The throttle hits just above 4000 rpm. The dual-clutch transmission is one of the last offered in a BMW. That helps the car hit 60 mph in roughly 4 seconds and runs a 12.2-second quarter-mile at the speed of 119.7. The M2 C is also much lighter than previous models, as its weight is 3517 lb. 


718 Cayman GT4 is .1 second behind the BMW 2020 M2 C2 when running a quarter-mile. Although the Porsche is dubbed to have better handling, that is put down to the BMW being heavier than the Porsche. The BMW is still supposed to be better in the Misano Blue Metallic over Gold wheels.  


The car was priced at £61,340 but was tested out at £70,005. The vehicle layout for this beast is a front-engine, RWD, 4-pass and 2-door coupe. The wheelbase is 106 in. The brakes go from 60-0 mph in about a hundred feet. The environmentally friendly car releases 1.05 lb CO2 emissions per mile. The transmission that has helped this car get the title of being the best BMW ever is “seven-speed twin-clutch auto”.

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