The year seems to have started with a bang. With the hybrid car getting to 60mph in 2.8 seconds, the Lamborghini 2021 Sian hits 220mph through its 6.5 liters naturally aspirated V-12. The beast is gaining popularity for low height and an 807 hp punch, and the car has already earned the title of the strongest Lamborghinis in the market.

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The vehicle is also the company’s first-ever gasoline-electric hybrid, but thank God it does not come into a Toyota Prius territory. It comes with stunning new interiors that reflect the style, luxury, and comfort. The car is ready to turn heads and sure to gain more popularity.


Sian unveils the super-capacitor, a high-performance hybrid, leaving behind other cars like Porsche’s 918, McLaren’s P1, and Ferrari’s LaFerrari. The supercapacitor keeps electricity but does not let the energy switch to a chemical reaction, storing it in a static state.

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That gives the battery the ability to be easily rechargeable, hold more power, and have a much longer working life at the highest temperatures. Having its advantages, the battery holds back in some areas, such as losing its charge much faster than the lithium batteries despite being much more expensive. With no EV mode, the car gets its quick-fire torque from its e motor, which helps it get to 80mph. 

lamborghini sian

Let us Have a Look at the Features

The Sian has a seven-speed single-clutch transmission, giving the car an easier transmission from moving gear to gear. Making the vehicle quicker than its competitor Aventador SVJ, with 10% more transaction force. Whereas in higher gears there is 20% more transaction force, lessening 1.2 seconds from 70-120 kph.

The breaks of this Lamborghini are trustworthy, with the whole car knowing its body, which gives the chills to the driver as if the car knows what it is and how it operates. The beast has been dubbed to be “ahead of its time” by the significant automobile company itself. There is more than one reason why that has happened. It is due to its aerodynamic beauty being one of the reasons.

The interior is not only made by Italian craftsmanship but also its feel gives the driver and the passengers an adrenaline rush whenever the car picks up speed. As mentioned before, the hybrid system has helped decrease the vehicle’s overall weight, making it even better to maneuver.

The experience of driving this Lamborghini is enough as it is. Still, its new titanium inlet valve to the engine system makes the 6.5 liter V-12 go to 774 hp at 8500 rpm, which is the most a Lamborghini car has ever done. The car cruises on the roads as living proof that there will be more hybrid Lamborghini cars in the future, getting the name of one of the strongest Lambos ever in history. 


Price: £1,896,551 

Layout: Mid-Engine, AWD, 2-pass, 2-door coupe

Engine: 6.5L/774-hp/531-lb-ft DOHC 48-valve V-12 plus 34-hp/26-lb-ft electric motor; 807 hp (comb)

Number of cylinders: 12

Maximum speed: >350km/h, which roughly becomes around 217mph

Verdict: 10/10

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