The new latest Honda Ridgeline HPD package costs £2800. A considerable amount to spend on just the physical appearance of a car. However, the real question is the car worth the price tag?

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According to Honda and their research, the exterior and physical appearance of the car matter to the under-40 consumers. This makes it essential for them to work on the exterior design as much as on the internal features. 

This 2021 Honda Ridgeline Package was explicitly made for the under 40 crowds, and Honda would love to sell it. Now, to make it more appealing to the public, they recently introduced an HPD package for the 2021 Ridgeline. Of course, which comes with a hefty price tag of £2800.

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Let’s find out if it’s the best way to spend that money. Is the 2021 Honda Ridgeline HPD package Worth your Money? 

HPD is an abbreviation for Honda Performance Development, which is a subsidiary of American Honda Motors. It is their racing division in North America, with headquarters in California.

The HPD package does not include any performance improvements on the 2021 Ridgeline. So you must be wondering, what is it that you get in those £2800 then, right? Here is what you get! And if that sounds like a good deal to you, then it’s your money to spend. 

The 2021 Honda Ridgeline HPD package includes cool bronze wheels, unpainted plastic fender flares, a more dynamic grille, some HPD stickers, and Badge on the bed and tailgate sides. 

In our opinion, it’s a lot of cash, considering that you only get a few stickers, incredible wheels, and flares. It sounds even more pointless because Honda itself would sell the same wheels in black for £1800. If you are just interested in some fiery set of wheels. Then you can get a relatively lesser amount from other known brands. 

Although, it’s very much likely that aftermarket companies will take a hot minute to develop accessories for the new Honda Ridgeline. However, after buying the black wheels, we’re pretty sure that you will be able to roll out some money for the fender flares and stickers for a lot less than £1000. 

Furthermore, if you’re not a fan of fancy wheels and can live with the standard wheels, several other Ridgeline packages can add a lot of functionality to your new truck. 

For instance, the Rugged Utility Package costs £961 and adds some roof rails and crossbars for heaving more stuff, an under-seat storage system, and a divider system of the in-bed trunk. Similarly, other packages add cargo nets, first-aid kits, hard tonneau cover, and much more for lesser than £2800. 

All in all, the point is that there are better ways of spending £2800 on your car, as Honda itself offers a wide variety of factory and dealer-installed accessories that add a lot more functionality to your Ridgeline than their 2021 Ridgeline HPD package.

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