Learning how to drive may not be as expensive as the costs that further come when you buy a car and start driving it like maintenance, cleaning services and among this car insurance has a very big role. Day by day the car insurance prices are rising so it is important to see what policies or ways you could go with to get cheaper car insurance.

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What is car insurance

It is a policy that protects not only other drives on the road if you damage their car in any way, but if you choose the right policy it could also cover damage to your car if you get into an accident or if your car is stolen.

There are 3 types of car insurance:

  • Third party which is the least required car insurance in the UK and only covers the damage that you cause to the other person’s vehicle.
  • Third-party, fire, and theft, this insurance would cover what a third party insurance covers along with your car in case it gets stolen or gets on fire.
  • Comprehensive, this has all the features and covers everything. It even covers the damage to your and the other car even if you’re at fault.

Ways to get a cheaper car insurance

1. Get quotes from different comparison sites

The first thing you do is put your details in the car insurance comparison sites and they’ll send off your details to many different insurers and find you the cheapest insurance.

The best way to do this is to go on many sites and gather information as it’s not possible for one site to provide you with all the information required. Once you have the information from all the sites then compare them and choose the one that seems best to you.

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2. Get a quote from an insurer

This step might seem of no use to you if you’re comparing the quotes from all the sites but a lot of times you can get cheaper insurance from an insurer that the sites won’t tell you, so try to get a quote from an insurer and then compare to the ones you got from the sites and see which one seems better.

3. Check for good deals

There are a lot of places that give you discount vouchers when you get their insurance, this could sometimes with worth checking out in case the cost of discounts and the insurance mixed together could give you benefiting deal.

Some could give you vouchers from sites like amazon with a deadline till when you could avail yourself the discount.

4. Try to get cashback on the quote

Look at all the cheapest quotes and then try to find any hidden cashback deals, if there are any then compare all of them and see which one would be the cheapest for you.
Keep in mind that the cashback is not provided by the broker or insurer rather a cashback site. So this will only work if you track your deal in all the right ways.

Things you should be aware of when getting a cashback

Don’t make plans with the cash before the cash is in your hands or in your bank account. There are a lot of problems that come when getting cashback and there’s no guarantee.

As soon as you receive the money, take it out immediately as there’s no safety to the money in your cashback site account. So it is better to play safe.

Make sure that all your cookies on your computer are cleared because due to them there can be a problem in the tracking of your cashback.

Look for good cashback sites that have some sort of good review as a lot of them could be scams.

5. Talk to the insurer to reduce the cost a bit

This is not a necessary step but there’s no wrong or harm in trying to ask the insurer to reduce your cost especially when you’re renewing your insurance. There is a possibility that he agrees and you’ll be in a win-win situation.

This could be much better if you have been with the insurer for quite a while and already have good ties with them so you can easily negotiate but if you are going for the first time then maybe it won’t work the best for you.

6. Check every single point of the policy before paying

1. Check the quotes again. Especially when you’ve been using a comparison site then go to the insurance provides website and compare the details because a lot of times the comparison site details are a little bit off.

2. Check if the company you’re choosing for insurance is registered with FCA.  Always check through the FCA register as a lot of them claim to have it but don’t.

There are many different add -ons
provided by the company so check the ones that you want so that you are paying only for the things you need and not any random add ons that could be costing you extra.

Many different ad -ons seem very interesting like a courtesy car but a lot of times they’re not what you need. If you can go a few days without a car if it’s under repair then there’s no point in getting a courtesy car which could save you money.

Some insurers will charge you incentives for a breakdown policy but this is a basic policy that should be provided so talk to your insurer if he’s charging you extra.

These are some steps that could save you some money and saving money comes from bits and pieces, not a whole. Only get things important for you instead of what sounds extra appealing. Many times what sounds appealing is actually useless.

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