With the rising prices of basically everything including a simple coffee cup is just adding up to our expenses. The fuel prices are touching the sky, car repairs is so costly so with all that having to worry about your car having a breakdown meaning extra cost is just the last thing you would want. Everyone wants their car to work properly for as long as it could to prevent an extra burden on your pocket. Hence, it is very important to keep your car in proper shape and giving it a good check up every once in a while.

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There are a lot of steps you could take to make your car more reliable.

Check the cars manual for maintenance scheduling.

There is always a given or recommended maintenance schedule that you should follow. If you keep up with it, you will be avoiding high-cost problems in different things like suspense, drive train, etc. 

Avoid short journeys.

Short journeys have a significant effect on the life of your muffler. This is because, when you start a cold engine and don’t keep it running for as long as required for the condensation to evaporate, a lot of water starts gathering in your muffler, thus rusting starts. 

Check the fluids 

There are many different fluids that require replacements after a certain amount of time, like the brake fluid, power steering fluid, etc. Keep check of your fluid levels between services. This will keep you away from problems like leakage that can cause huge damage if not handled on time. 

Change the air filter 

This is very easy and can be done by yourself at home with a few tools that you can find at your home itself. All you’ve to do is buy the correct filter for your car at any auto parts store and then reading the instructions/manual book you can change it. Dusty filters have a negative impact on your car’s mileage and acceleration. 

Inspect tires

This is a very important and necessary step, not just to extend the life of your car but also for your own safety. You should constantly check the air pressure and condition of your car tires. This will not only give you better fuel efficiency but also make the tires last longer. Buying new tires can just be an additional expense.

Change your oil 

This step will provide better gas mileage and also protect your engine. It is always recommended to change your oil from 3000-5000 miles or if you want to keep check of time then every 3-6 months would work fine. 

This also depends on how you drive. While you are changing the oil, change the oil filters as well as it is more efficient. 

Keeping car clean 

This may seem very obvious but keeping your car clean interior and exterior wise helps retain a higher resale value. It is important to wash your car in winter to prevent road salt from cause rust that will make holes in the metal.

Store your car in a garage 

Keeping the car inside will protect it from many different elements such as flora that can cause harm to the car’s paint. This also saves you from the hassle of having to remove snow from your car on a chilly winter morning. 

Monitor brake pad thickness

If you let the brake pad thickness wear down to the metal, it can cause damage to the rotors of your brake. Rotors are expensive and more costly than pads. 

Drive properly 

If you have very rash driving, then it reduces the lifespan of your car way more than you would think. Using brakes a lot will put stress and strain on components hence requiring a faster replacement. 

All these tips will help you keep your car for longer and save money from requiring constant repairs as well. 

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