Car tax is necessary for everyone that owns a car. If you get caught driving a car without its vehicle tax covered then you will be fined heavily as it is illegal to do this.

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You could be fined close to even £1000. Car tax is bought by drivers every year and the money is paid to fund projects that help the entire public such as road work.  

Vehicle tax rates actually depend on a few factors which include engine size, kind of fuel used, how much Carbon dioxide is emitted, and when the car had been registered. The lesser the emissions are, the lower the tax on your vehicle.

Driving without car tax 

There are a few ways in which you can drive without a car tax. It is not a hidden fact that it is illegal to drive without having your car tax paid. If you have an MOT check pre-booked, you are allowed to drive without car tax. This means that if your MOT check is booked to a specific date then you can drive to the MOT check appointment without your car tax paid.

If you are a disabled driver then there are chances that you may be exempted.

If you will not be driving your vehicle any time soon or again then apply for a SORN declaration. This declaration is for those who choose not to drive the car again.

Transferring of car tax

If you have paid for the entire year’s car tax and then decide to sell your car off you cannot transfer the car tax from one vehicle to another. However, you can claim your car tax back for the remaining months.

Check if the vehicle is taxed

Checking whether your car Is taxed is very simple now. You can even do this online through the link that has been provided by the government. Once you have reached the governments’ tax checker website you will click start now.

Once that step is done you will see a box where you will enter your car’s registration number that is provided on your V25 Registration certificate. When that has been entered you will see some information that will be verifying if it is the correct car or vehicle. 

You will click yes and then further details about your car tax and MOT will appear. 

By this, you can tell if your car is taxed or when is the expiration date and pay up if it is not paid for already. 

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