Most batteries last up to 6 years almost. A car battery is good as long as you can recharge it and once you can’t then it means it’s time for a new car battery. It is not a smart decision to push your battery to work for more than 5 to 6 years as then the chances of it stopping at any point are high. 

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It’s very important to know how long your car battery will be lasting, it does not matter if you have a new one or are still driving with the battery that originally came when you first bought the car because it could also depend on how you drive as well. If you do not keep your car battery in check, you could face trouble at any sudden instant. 

Checking how long the battery lasts is also important to understand whether your battery is working properly as it should or do you need to take steps to improve the life of your car battery.

Once your car battery has lasted more than three years then you should always get it tested so that you are safe. If your car battery needs to be replaced there may be a few signs that’ll warn you about it.

Warning signs you should look at to see if your car battery is failing

If your car’s check engine light is now coming on it could mean that your battery is not working efficiently. however, it could mean something else as well related to the vehicle’s alternator.

Engine starts slow

Compare whether your engine starts with the same speed as it did before or is it slow now. If it is slow, it could be a sign that the battery might fail soon. When it starts taking a few seconds to start, it means your battery is at its final stage and you should immediately consider a new battery.

Electrical issues

Many of the features offered by different cars are dependent on batteries. Among these features could be your mobile charger, heated seats, or car lights, so if any of these are not working properly or your car has dim lights, it shows that your car battery is wearing off.

Corroded battery connectors

When the metal parts of the battery start to get corroded there is a white substance that forms on the negative or positive metal connections of the car battery. This could actually create voltage problems and then create issues in starting the car. 

Bad smell upon opening hood

A bad smell usually rises when the battery leaks gas which happens when your battery is damaged. If you smell something bad when you open the hood it is time to replace the battery after getting it checked. 

Shape change of the battery 

How long your battery lasts also depends upon where you live and the weather over there. If you live somewhere with extreme heat or cold it could potentially cause damage to your battery. The battery may change shape which shows it needs to be replaced.

How to extend your battery’s lifespan?

Check where you drive 

Driving on bumpy roads could lead to poor connection of your battery. Hence, it is very important to frequently check your battery connections and tighten them out when needed.

Keep car fully charged 

Try to make it your habit to avoid playing on songs or keeping your interior/exterior lights on especially when you’re not driving, as this drains the battery quite fast. Double-check before you exit the car that everything is turned off.

Don’t leave car unattended for long 

If you stop using your car for weeks or a long time, then the lifespan of your battery will be affected badly. Thus, even if you don’t want to drive it, you should start the car often to keep the battery going good. 

How much does a car battery replacement cost?

Different car batteries will obviously have different costs but the average range would be from £100-£350. However, this doesn’t include the price of the replacement that the mechanic will take.

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