The new Honda Accord is known to be one of the best average-sized sedans in the market. The 17-inch rollers boast elegance and comfort, which is precisely what Honda customers desire. One may compare the car with its competitors that come with 18-to-19-inch rollers.

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However, this specification only makes the ride rough and bumpy because of its short and stiff-walled rubber. Accord comes with extra legroom for the passengers and the driver, making it a relaxing and smooth ride.

Amongst many new features is the sensor detector that beeps when you accidentally leave the car keys inside the car. So, if you often find yourself in such situations, this is an excellent investment to make. From zero to half speed, the Honda Accord 2021 does not shy away from giving its passengers the same comfort level.

However, the car is also known for its pick and urgency to go forward. The turbocharged four-cylinder and CVT automatic response help the vehicle get to 1400 rpm, which gives off just as much grace and drives fast enough to cruise around wherever the road turns.

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The 1.5-liter turbo helps the Honda Accord 2021 max out at 192 hp while reaching 192 lb-ft torque, which forces the car from 0-60 mph in nearly 7.2 seconds. This is only lower than a few cars in the market, such as 2.5 liters Nissan Altima, foul cylinder Toyota Camry, the non-XT Subaru Legacy, Hyundai Sonata, and a Kia K5 while the nearest being Mazda 6.

The Honda Accord 2021 is still the fastest when it zooms from 45 mph to 65 mph in 3.7 seconds. It stands at par with the others in the market. The car might not be as fancy or have a sporty engine, but it caters to every need of the Honda customer and is designed specifically for them. However, this does not mean that the car would not be as good on empty roads. It comes with a sports mode too. 


One needs to dive deep in to find flaws in this perfect car. The price that is set at £18,839 can put off a few customers. The adaptive cruise functions also don’t work as good as they are expected. The brakes aren’t as smooth and can cause the car to stop abruptly or with a jerk. This is the only flaw where it seems like Honda has compromised. 

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The base price, as mentioned before, is £18,839, with the vehicle layout consisting of a front-engine, FWD, and a 5-pass. The transmission in this car is a controlled variable auto. The curb weight is 3,206 lb. The wheelbase of the Honda Accord 2021 is 114.1, while it runs a quarter-mile in about 15.5 seconds. The car is also environment friendly, with only 0.59lb/mile of carbon dioxide emissions. The Honda Accord 2021 EX-L1.5T is the safest to drive and promises an experience to whoever takes it on a ride.

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