Knowing the value of your car is important when you want to sell it off.  It becomes easier as you’ll know at what price you should accept the deal and have an idea of what’s beneficial for you.

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Along with this it also gives you peace of mind that you are selling your car off for the right price and not agreeing to a wrong offer. 

Finding the value/worth of your car is now easier than it has ever been before. There are a lot of online tools that help you however some cars could require further research as the vehicle market is not stable. The best part about this is that there are many free resources that’ll do the job for you. 

Here are a few sites that could help you determine the worth of your car.

Many platforms like Evans Halshow will help you gain a slight estimate of what your car’s worth could be but it might not be as accurate.

A few things you should make sure you’ve noted down when evaluating the cost of your car are your car’s mileage or any damage that your car could’ve faced to get an accurate cost.

This is a great site as it offers almost everything. It’s a bit difficult to use but you eventually get the hang of it.  Go on to the ‘buy a car drop down’ menu and then select ‘used car evaluation’ in the handy tools section to get an estimate of how much your car is worth.

This site requires your car’s registration number, and email address, and also your mileage which is optional but would give you a better result. This site gives data from industry experts this is a good site to look at when finding the value of your car.

RAC Cars 

You will click on the ‘value my car’ menu to find the worth of your car. This website requires a lot of different details of your car to give you an output of the worth. It requires your registration number, mileage, model, how old it is, what’s the current condition of the car. Along with this, you’ll need to give me a phone number and an email address to move forward. 


This is a great site when you want to compare prices for used cars, this gets data for many different sites. So in this way, you’ll be getting different prices for your car through which you can browse and select.

Auto trader 

This is one of the best sites when you’re looking for places to sell or buy used cars, or even just to find how much your car is worth.

All you need is to put in the car’s registration number and mileage and the website will take care of the rest. Not only will it tell you the car’s worth but also will tell you how much you can sell it for privately or in part-exchange so in this way you have a variety of options to choose from. 


This site sells around 4000 cars daily, which means that the information it will give you will most certainly be accurate and reliable. 

All you’ve to do is type in your registration number and then not only will you get the original price of your car but also how much you would’ve to pay if you want to buy it at that time or how much money you’d get if you want to sell off your car.

What car?

This site is linked with industry experts CAP and HPI that help you find an easy free valuation of your vehicle. It is very detailed and accurate so definitely a must site to visit when you want to find the value of your car. 

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