Dodge, the company which first started from the sidelines making car parts for bigger companies, is now a well-known car manufacturer which brings out the wildest and eye-catching vehicles of all time.

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Speaking of eye-catching vehicles, here are some of the rarest Dodge cars that have been manufactured:

1969 Dodge Charger 500

With only less than 400 units being made, the Dodge Charger 500 just didn’t attract people. There were some design issues with the Charger 500, which prevented it from cruising down the highway at full speed. The aerodynamics were modified a lot and then the bestseller, Daytona came into being, leaving behind Charger 500 for good. 

Dodge Coronet R/T Hemi

Not to be confused with the original Coronet, whose selling trend flew through the charts. The Coronet R/T was not as successful as the company imagined it to be. So much so, that only 2 cars were ever manufactured. People just didn’t get the gist of the car. No new specifications, high price, and the general disinterest of muscle car lovers caused the production to cease completely. 

Dodge Black Ghost

As haunting as the name sounds, the Black Ghost was a monochromatic masterpiece. Dodge played the “black on black on black” trend beautifully and the Black Ghost was born, which was nothing less than a speed demon. It is now part of the Library of Congress as a vintage vehicle. This car was considered a great muscle car, but it didn’t peak high enough to be manufactured on a large scale. 

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The California Shelby Rampage

Dodge jumped on the bandwagon of manufacturing limited edition cars, this was the birth of the California Shelby Rampage, which was manufactured as a special edition in their Rampage lineup, and it was sold in selected dealerships across sunny California.

This car had an edgy appearance, with 15-inch alloy rims which roared monstrosity. The 2.2-liter engine had an explosive, ear-piercing, roaring exhaust, which was an emerging trend back then. Although this car had decent specifications, only a little over 200 articles ever went out from the manufacturing factory. 

Dodge Super Bee Hemi

The Dodge Super Bee Hemi was a car that had everything a car enthusiast would want; speed, low price, and a monstrous engine. Housing a 6.3 liter Hemi V8 engine, this car was a speed machine. But, turns out, it wasn’t as popular among people because it was not as low priced as it was marketed to be.

The humongous engine was thirsty for gasoline and it was not as fuel-efficient as it was anticipated. As far as production is concerned, only 120 articles were manufactured on demand and as of now, it is seen very rarely on the roads. Only several classic car connoisseurs might have the Bee Hemi in their collection. 

The reason for these cars being so rare is due to their low demand, high competition, and abandonment of production because of their low numbers, mostly during the 1960s and 1970s.

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