Aston Martin, first-ever SUV did not disappoint us! Considering the company did not bow down to corporate pressure and took its time releasing its first SUV. It worked out very well for them.

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The Aston Martin DBX not only sounds like a sports car but also has the looks for it. After the first test drives, the car has not disappointed and has been dubbed as a leather-lined miracle.

According to sources, this car gives off the impression that it was well researched. We think it is a development given the company is not famous for spending too much on developing their cars.

Mercedes and Aston Martin

You do not see two big company names coming together and helping their competitors out. However, that is exactly what Mercedes has done with Aston Martin. It got the 4.0 liter twin-turbo V-8, nine-speed automatic transmission, 4Matic’s all-wheel-drive system, electronic architecture, and infotainment from the Mercedes stores.

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By doing this, not only have Aston Martin treated themselves. They have also developed a good relationship with a big tycoon in the market, which of course, always helps.

Aston Martin

The DBX Aston Martin has a 5086-pound heft: over 1700 pounds, their previous car, “The Vantage.” It also has an additional 39 horsepower and a 10lb-ft to compete with the rest of the market leaders and their SUVs.

These additions help the car go from 0-60mph in 4 ticks while running almost a quarter a mile in 12-13 seconds. That is almost too good to be true for an SUV. 

New Models Coming Soon

Considering this is the first model they have released, it is not at all looking shabby. At the same time, Aston Martin has also promised new models which will be coming soon. These models will have advanced specifications and features. This makes us wonder what more could they do.

The DXB is also faster than the equally priced 2021 Bentley Bentayga V8, ranking between the Porsche’s 911 Carrera S and Bentley’s Continental GT. Aston Martin’s DXB uses triple chamber air springs to support its weight, while the ZF-made active anti-roll system handles the 1,032 lb-ft torque to both rear and front anti-roll bars.

Running a full course in 25 seconds not only helped the prestige of the car, as if that was needed but proved that even for an SUV, it is pretty fast. Offering comfort and having a sporty body while having the SUV body, the Aston Martin SUV has it all.

An active center differential and an electronically controlled rear differential give the car more sense than most other machines. This helps it control the car on dangerous terrains. 


The steering itself is a feature in the car, which has a silky feeling to it. This helps the driver involved in driving and still letting them relax while driving. It also helps in edgy turns faster than usual, taking out any anxiety the passengers or the driver might have.

The steering complements the stability control system installed in Aston Martin’s first-ever SUV, which is still hard to believe considering how the DXB is turning out. 

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