Are you looking for a hatchback SUV with a roomy interior and seating capacity? Then the all-new Mercedes AMG GLB 35 is the best option for you. The 2021 AMG GLB 35 mimics the appearance of the luxurious G-class vehicles that are breathtakingly gorgeous.

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Let’s see what the 2021 AMG GLB 35 has in store for its buyers. 

Exterior Design

The one thing about the AMG GLB 35 that stands out the most in exterior design is its very classical box shape, reminiscent of the Mercedes G-class series. The front grille and the smoothed front body give the AMG GLB 35 an aerodynamic appeal, and it almost nullifies air friction, giving the driver a smooth and fast driving experience.

The panoramic sunroof is an extra addition buyer can go for, while the 21-inch alloy rims lift the car and give this SUV a monstrous height. But the standard GLB 35 comes with 19-inch alloy rims and LED lights, which sounds just as great. 


The engine of the Mercedes AMG GLB 35 is 2.0 liter, with turbocharging. This SUV is an all-wheel driving vehicle, keeping all the wheels engaged on the road, giving superb traction and control on those pesky curves and blind turns. The gear transmission is automatic, super handy, and 8-speed with dual-clutch, which amps up the turbo, producing a whopping 302 horsepower and a torque of 295 lb.-ft.

Enhancements to the engine are available in upgrades, which gives more speed and better control. Some impressive promotion specifications include vectoring torques and speed-sensitive steering, which perform just as unique as they sound. 

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Fuel Economy

Housing an approximately 16-liter fuel tank, there is no more unplanned stopping at the fuel station. To add to that, the Mercedes AMG GLB 35 gives a decent fuel mileage for a humongous 2.0liter all-wheel-drive SUV. In urban areas, it provides 21 miles per gallon (mpg) which sounds very fuel-efficient.

On the highways, it becomes even better, pushing up to a 26 mpg value. If the driving is a combination of urban and highway areas, then the AMG GLB 35 gives an average of 23 mpg, so you won’t be reluctant to put the pedal to the metal. 

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A Mercedes review would not be complete without mentioning its luxurious interior. The interior’s highlight is the 10.25-inch touch screen, which controls all the entertainment and navigation on a reasonably sized screen.

Another great feature about the AMG GLB 35 is the front power seats, with 12 different orientations, which can be adjusted with a single click of a button. The seats are incredibly comfortable to sit in, and they can be upgraded to ventilated and heated seats. 

The 2021 AMG GLB 35 ticks all the boxes regarding a spacious interior, cruising speed, high tech specifications, and cutting-edge design and beauty. You will not want to miss out on this one.

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