Hybrid cars are making their existence known in the world of conventional fossil fuel cars, but Ford has come out with an indigenous hybrid vehicle, the F-150 pickup truck. This vehicle is one of its kind, and here are some impressive specifications of this monstrous yet sustainable vehicle.

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Fuel Efficiency

With hybrid cars, the central area of importance is fuel efficiency. The Ford F-150 is a crowd-pleaser when it comes to efficient pickup trucks. There are 3 V6 variants available based on their engine and fuel efficiency, and capacity. The first is a 3-liter V6 engine, which produces a torque of 440 lb.-ft.

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Due to the high-powered diesel turbo. The second variant is a 3.5 liter EcoBoost, which builds the truck’s power a lot while being sustainable and eco-friendly. The third is the 3.5-liter PowerBoost, which gives immense driving pleasure if you are a lover of speed racing in a pickup truck. This is the first truck introduced by Ford, which has plenty of engine options to choose from. 

Exterior & Interior

Ford is known for its monstrous exterior and body design. The F-150 is no different. From the colors to the body design, Ford has done it again while maintaining its classic touch to the aerodynamic shape. Halogen lamps and front and back grilles, highly crisp day running lights (DRL), and fenders make people turn their heads to have a glance at the F-150.

The XLT version of the F-150 has a moon roof, LED lights, and chrome-covered grilles. As for the interior, the F-150 has a 9-inch screen for all the entertainment you need for a quick drive, along with a paddle shifter that can easily switch transmissions by a single flick. The XLT model comes equipped with leather seats with heating and massaging functions and a 360-degree camera for the perfect parking view. 

Mileage Performance

The Ford F-150 provides a fantastic gas mileage if compared with ordinary pickup trucks. It gives 24 miles per gallon on the highways and urban areas due to its unique Eco Boost technology, which saves fuel efficiently and gives good mileage. This pickup truck is best set to experience in the city for its excellent gas mileage. 

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Is the Ford F-150 Worth it? 

The basic F-150 model is available for $29,000 approximately, while the XLT model is up for the price of $36,000. With the introduction of the F-150 hybrid, Ford has once again secured its place in the world of pickup trucks.It gives whopping numbers of horsepower, which ultimately means more speed, and the classic Ford features are taken up a notch, which are hard to resist. 

With Ford coming out with the 2021 F-150, people have their eyes set on this engineering masterpiece. It ticks all of the boxes when it comes to a sustainable environment and the driving pleasure of a pickup truck. 

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